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Simplify your invoicing and connect your WooCommerce eshop with Fakturoid. It automatically creates proformas and invoices for orders, attaches them to emails and changes the order status when payment is received.


Worry-free invoices

Discover the benefits of automated invoicing

Put your billing worries behind you and start making money from your e-shop. Discover the benefits of process automation and save valuable time that you can devote to growing your business.


Choose the payment methods for which proforma is to be generated.


Choose for each payment method when to generate the invoice.

Invoices in email

Insert a link to view or download the invoice in the emails you send.

Receive payment

Set up to change the order status when an invoice is paid.

Invoice payment

You can set the order status at which the invoice is marked as paid.

Custom data

Using simple snippets you can customize the data sent to Fakturoid.

Easy connection to Fakturoid account

To connect to Fakturoid you just need your account domain, which you can find from the url address, the email address you use to log in to Fakturoid and the API key. After saving the settings, invoices will start to be generated according to the selected conditions.


Generation of invoices according to order status

The plugin settings list all the payment methods available to you. For each method, you can choose which payment method to display on the invoice and choose at which order status the advance invoice will be generated and at which the final invoice.

Change of order status upon invoice payment

You can also link your Fakturoid account to your bank. Subsequently, when the payment is credited to the account, the invoice is marked as paid and the order status is changed according to the selected settings.


Invoice payment according to order status

If the order status is changed to a pre-selected status, either manually or by using another plugin (for example for a payment gateway), the invoice in Fakturoid is marked as paid.

View web invoice or download pdf?

Choose which option you like better. Click on the link to view the invoice, it can be directly downloaded in pdf format or the online web invoice can be displayed.


Invoice links in email and administration

In the administration of your e-shop in the order list, you will see a link to the generated invoice or proforma for each order. The link to the invoice is also sent in emails sent to the customer and the e-shop administrator.

Automate the invoicing process

Take advantage of automatic invoice generation. Start now with no questions asked 14 days guarantee.

2 000 

One year of updates and support
50% off for the renewal

Requires WordPress 5.4+, WooCommerce 4.3+ and PHP 7.3+


Frequently asked questions

With your purchase you get one year of support and automatic updates. The price for renewal is 50% of the base price.

The plugin requires WordPress 5.4+, WooCommerce 4.3+ and above and PHP 7.3+.

Yes, the plugin will continue to work, but you'll not get support and new features.

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